24 Nisan 2013 Çarşamba

DERGİ / İçindekiler

1. 2013 Yaz Festivalleri
2. İstabul'da en iyi canlı müzik yapan mekanlar
3. Caz dinlerken ne içmeli, barmenlere sorduk
4. Nublu - geçmişi, bugünü, geleceği
5. Björk ve caz

19 Mart 2013 Salı

This is definitely the dream house. I do not even want to talk about the view, the simplicity, the wood, the white and especially the lights create the perfection in my eyes. This is modern but at the same time one can feel its characteristic soul.

Respect. Last year, while i was doing lots of projects with paper, for me it was pretty difficult to handle the paper the way i wanted. So when i saw this one, the feeling i got was respect. The artist works digitally without the aid of 3D software where he draws everything by hand to create landscapes, figures and portraits that look as if they have been cut from paper. They look absolutely gorgeous.

Christo. The genius. The master. This installation 'Big Air Package' is the latest project from Christo installed in Germany. 'Big Air Package' is the largest ever inflated envelope without aid of a skeleton. It was installed inside the former gas tank, was made from 20,35 square meters of semitransparent polyester fabric and 4,500 meters of rope. When it comes to Christo, it is never expected, never in small scales, never ordinary.

These are bunch of amazing photographs taken in Finland. Perfect images of winter, ice and cold.

fuar devam

When the sketches for the exhibition were approved, Elif Ayiter sat down and created the design right below in SecondLife. I was sure that i wanted to go with the wood to create the warmth. The circular shape goes with the original shape of the logo and it surrounds the viewer. 

This is one of the posters that i designed to put inside of the exhibiton stand. Others are coming soon.

7 Mart 2013 Perşembe

PLOT. Designers created a site for architects to find a moment for dialogue, reflection and artistic ideal atmosphere to share their big stories. They have developed different functionalities that will enhance the experience; architecture TV channel, cultural and architectural agenda, exhibition catalogs, essays etc. As i see it, it sort of becomes a benchmark for quality architectural content disclosure both through its content and its high quality visual appearance. 

This is the poster design for the movie called "Martha Marcy May Marlene". I find this pretty charming because even if i did not know the plot or the general subject of the movie, i directly assumed that it probably was about relationships, happiness, despair, hope.. The design translates the intimacy and the sincerity that movie itself covers.

This is the booklet design for the opera house of Graz/Austria. Here, the basic inspiration was the condition that the opera house was in for a quite some time. After its renovation in 2011, there was no more rubble or dust left in the opera. The new program booklet 2012/2013 shows how to enhance 113 years of tradition contemporarily. I think it gets to show us how the opera house is born from its ashes. To me the color red and the dust symbolizes the act of reborn. 

This giant mirrored canopy was designed by architecture firm Foster+Partners and it is called Port Vieux Pavilion. It ıs huge actually, measures nearly 46 meters. It is made to reflect people and the surrounding environment of Marseille's famous harbor. It occurs to me that mirrors do have a magical impact on art, they almost never dissapoint us in bringing excitement and joy at the same time. This piece reminds me of Anish Kapoor's "Cloud Gate" because of its material but also its aim.

26 Şubat 2013 Salı

2013 - a brand new, fresh term

Wrap it up

This term, our first assignment was to wrap up a car which we had to design based upon our corporate identity. Since i did the jazz bar 'cazyap', i thought using a station wagon might be a good idea. Since live concerts are happening in the club, technical devices, sound systems, musical instruments are probably going to be moved from one place to another, so a big station wagon seemed the best option. We were told that it would be the best if we put the logo on the right side of the car and to put the web address or any contact at the back of the car. So that is exactly what i did. The main issue was the usage of the color. I knew i had to go with red and gray, but where and how? First i tried to make something with lines but then i realized that it had nothing to do with the identity then i just took the last two letters of 'cazyap' from my logo and put it on the right side of the car. I put the web adress at the back of the car. There you go the initial version;

Elif Ayiter told me that i should lighten up the windows (obviously i messed it up) and just take the burgundy lines out. I will fix this tomorrow and then post it here the last version of the car wrap up project.

9 Ocak 2013 Çarşamba

2013 calendar trial #1

We have a calendar project nowadays for which we have to design only the first three months. It can be a desktop calendar, a wall calendar, anything you like it to be. When we were told that the calendar must be at least A3 size, i decided to go with the wall calendar. My intention was to make something simple and clear because i thought that noone would spend more than 2 minutes to figure out the dates. But at the same time i wanted the calendar to send a reference to cazyap logo. So i played with words 'ocak', 'şubat' and 'mart' and tried to make them look like the logo. But at this point i'm not pretty sure playing with the letters will fit to all months. When it comes to the images i used; i selected three instrument photographs from sxc.hu. They were not great photographs but i tried really hard to think what they could become as Elif Ayiter says. So i played with their colors and changed their appearence a lot. One cannot tell immediately that they are musical instruments after the changes that i made.

So i'm posting the earlier versions of the photographs for you to see the dramatic change.

This one i chose for january.

This one is for february.

This one is for march.

Here is my first calendar trial:

2013 wishlist

After i heard pretty bad comments about the wishlist that i posted earlier, i started on designing new ones. So i got the approval for the one i liked the most. I was thinking about carving the letters on a wood panel, but our teacher told me that would be a pretty hard thing to do, so she suggested me to print the wishlist on an acetate and then stick it on the wood panel. So this is how it looks like;

This is simply a test run that i made to see how it would look like, this is bad photograph but still gets to show you how it looks.